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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Sine wave

I honestly feel like on a sine wave slide now. Actually (my 6-year old girl's favourite word;), by 'now' I mean the last 11 years. Welcome, the theory of relativity, here is your true believer. When I was a teenager, 11-year period equalled eternity. 20+ years late (and I'm quite modest here;), the same amount of time is nothing but a passing moment in time...

However, I was To touch on my emotional and physical yo-yo effect I witnessed first-hand over the last decade.

Looks like my ability to see things clearly and prevent occasional freak-outs is subject to strong variations, stronger than any statistical average womanist behaviour ever revealed (by the way, I strongly believe that statistics is one of the best lies widely tolerated in the world today; showing a graphics in different dimensions tells us a completely distinct story. I know, I've been there;).
Being a Libra, stability and balance should be my middle names. What's ironical about it, is that when I see the ideal image of me (not the one in the mirror, the one of my mind and soul), I am indeed well-organized, my brain is clear of distractions, I am focused on my aim, I know what to do, I show love and understanding to everybody around, I am patient beyond belief, and so on.
When you look at real me, I have short phases of being like that, feeling like I'm on top of the world, when everything, literally everything goes smoothly, the world loves me, and I love the world back.
For most of the time, I am a mixture of a witch and outrageous vixen who knows best, has no mercy to tiredness, expects everyone, literally everyone in her family to understand her moodiness, and love her; as a result she might, but only might, show some acceptance back. 

I heard that in terrestrial civilizations such personality type is called a mum.

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