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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

I wish I could fly

Again, nothing original here. So many people dream of flying. This is becoming quite boring, actually. But not for me. Since my no-longer significant acrophobia, I would love to experience that overwhelming and liberating act of flying.
I used to be terrified of height. Not that I couldn't use stairs. Actually, living in a house throughout my childhood and adolescence, I was more afraid to use any lifts, imagining all the possible falls and disruption of engine services. Very helpful indeed.
I was just afraid to go higher than I could safely jump back to the ground. So, I decided to overcome this by falling in love with mountaineering (and with a hiking lover, but that came later). And it helped.

Yet, I still feel tangles between my body and my inner me (not sure if it makes sense, well, it does to me...), when I see a picture of someone standing at the very edge of a high cliff, not supported, careless, and happy.
Looks like I'm jealous. And that's probably true. So, out of jealousy comes my dream of flying.

For now, this could only be fulfilled by a one-time only free falling. Since that's not something I'm interested in for the moment, I will stick to visualisation of me, non supported, careless and happy in the air. It should de-stress me, too, which is kind of like a positive side-effect to the whole story I'm trying to see in my mind's eye.

Like I said, I wish I could fly...

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