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Sunday, 22 March 2015


Yesterday it was a really lazy day. Over half of the family wandered around with no specific purpose in mind. Others ;) digged into social media, and I also felt a complete lack of necessity to clean up.
When I shared that thought on one of the forums I was meticulously following, one of the other members responded almost immediately, with the following quote:
'who cares?'
Actually, she was quite right. Even though others replied with consolation, and said I was not alone with that feeling, that first blunt reaction made me really sad.

And then I realized how fragile we all are. A person I have never met, who doesn't know me at all has obviously no interest in my feelings. That's understandable.

Staying strong, believing in yourself is difficult enough; exposing some of your thoughts and sharing them with the world makes you potentially weaker. And, when you get a rude but honest feedback, you may fall.

I know I'm dramatizing here, but thus us just where it can go. For me, the whole experience lasted just few minutes, and left me with the best statement I could think of: it's me who cares! And for me, that is more than enough!:)

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