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Monday, 16 March 2015

Singing in the rain

I used to be a helplessly enthusiastic singer.

Not a professional, performing gigs across the universe, making crowds cheering and clapping. I was an amateur, the bathroom-mirror-is-my-audience type of performer. This goes back to my early youth, and how successfully I followed the footsteps of my parents in that zone.

For quite a while now, I seemed to stop. Obviously, I sang lullabies and kids type of songs: cheerful, opptymistic and happy, sometimes beyond my own will. And beliefs. But nothing above.

The truth is, and it is always the case, in everything you do, you have to believe in it. Otherwise, it's not worth the fuss.
Since I stopped believing in myself, I stopped singing. It only occurred to me now, when I am slowly becoming to recover, and reveal, and share what I think with all who are bored so much with everything else in the world, that they kindly share their time with me, reading these scribbles of mine;)

The result is, I sing now. Again. There is still space for improvement, as it is not from the bottom of my heart. Nor from the top of my lungs either. But I'm getting there - dear neighbors, beware!;)

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