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Thursday, 19 March 2015


I just read a very interesting article about popularity of blogging (ekhm), and the tendency to reveal as much about oneself as possible. Looks like I'm in.

Then again;), I thought about it a little more. I do not - definitely not - share every single detail of my life with the public. I obviously make mistakes, loose temper, do things I know I would regret later on (and indeed I do). And I do not necessarily wish to have that revealed. Which proves my vanity, of course. But also touches on natural fall for creating an image of myself, ideally much better than the actual me. At least I find it natural.

I used to work closely on confidentiality, sensitivity, and privacy of data. Potentially, that makes me super-cautious when talking to strangers about my life. However, I find it totally fine to discuss the age of my children with another mum I have never seen before in my life, just met on a train station and noticed her little baby tucked in a carrier. Empathy wins with reason. But it makes me feel better. Not so alienated.

I guess there is a fine line between talking too much and being an isolated human being. And blogging, sharing most private details on Facebook, or Twitter did not create that. That fine line has always been there; only now we get instant access.

It all goes down to me - so modest, I know. But I mean my strong will, ability to judge whether it is safe and reasonable to write about something; whether it can make someone more vulnerable now, or in the future; whether it still means nothing but cuteness and fun in few years time. Finally, if I just want to get the attention. Even for the price of humiliating the closest ones.

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