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Saturday, 7 March 2015

A mirror, a name, and a lady

It can be enchanting (Snow White could be a good example), flattering (if anyone finds one, please contact the author of this blog immediately), or ruthlessly revealing all the fine lines.
No need to say, I'm in the third row.
Fine lines - what a ridiculous term, indeed. I get the point, fine as the opposite to deep, and synonym to delicate, but - seriously - is there anything fine about them? Really?
I wonder how it all happened, the invention of this term. There might have been some lady, well-positioned in the society, who happened to look in her mirror (and I believe there were not so many of these floating around anyway), while she was preparing for some royal ceremony she was inevitably invited for. And she said something like: 'Oh, my forehead, there are these... lines...'. And then, one of her maids said something similar to: 'oh, no, milady/lady/countesse (whatever), they are fine, really'.
And, there you go. The hastily given reply became a notion. Inappropriate, frustrating, and economical with the truth.

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