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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

International Women Day

There's always this almost bipolar twist to it for me: I appreciate being put first (rarely ever happens, but when it does, I like the feeling:), yet I tend to think of me as a strong (ekhm), independent (ekhm, ekhm), and bold.

If I was a book character, I would rather be closer to a Wonder Woman than a Cinderella - nowhere near any of these two in terms of beauty, but I'm talking personality types. In reality, I am a mixture of both.

Therefore, my International Women Day this year was full of daffodils, bashfully starting to bloom all around me. With a touch of self-reliance from Legally Blonde, followed by Legally Blonde, part 2.

My presents to self. Theoretically the best, since I know the donee quite well...

And today, I had a great day. The one I hadn't had in weeks:)

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