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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Love Somebody

It's the title of a song I recently fell in love with. If anyone is looking for a meaningful lyrics packed with great sounds and presented by a beautiful voice, check this out.

And there is that very interesting concept of a feeling so overwhelming you loose yourself in it completely. To the point that you care about someone totally. Leaving no protection for you - all is booked for them, nothing is left for you.

I would say it depends:) sounds like the safest answer ever, but: yes, it does. In any kind of relationship there is usually one person being more emotionally attached than the other, one caring more than the other, one being - to put it straight, and slightly bias - less selfish than the other.

Still, there is this instinct to survive. Which allows you to indeed keep a bit of your heart to yourself.
There is experience, which vary; usually comes with age, but not necessarily in a good way... Sometimes it takes a lot of time to get to the point you are strong enough to  decide for yourself, and yourself only.

Each decision around feelings and emotions brings pain and release. It's life. No need to mourn, no need to celebrate.

In short then (yeah, right!:), I think there is never the case someone is totally OK with being totally driven by a feeling, and submit everything they have / desire / plan, just throw themselves into whatever life will bring.

Another thing is, are we ever in love with somebody else? Isn't it rather the case we are in love with our perception of the person we 'love'? And, since that is the case, we never really love that person? Just our collection of assumptions, our interpretations of their words, our understanding of their actions?

Tricks our minds can play. Blindness our desire may give us.

Not that I complain. It is always nicer to feel something rather than nothing.

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