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Thursday, 24 March 2016

The power of sounds and music

Recently, I listened to this amazing TED speech from a conductor who managed to create a choir of up to 4000 people from more than 70 countries singing their hearts out at the comfort of their own homes. The first ever music performance with no commuting required from any person involved; talking about remote working at a completely different level...
Yes, it took a lot of time, and included a lot technical tweaks, but the end result was absolutely amazing, touching, and uplifting.

Surprisingly touching to me, at least.
Usually, there has to be deep sound (sometimes quirky, and dark, like from a friend of mine, this one) and lyrics (meaningful, syncing in with my emotions and feelings). Only such combination gets to me. This time, words didn't play any part at all. This time, the combined power of sounds made it all an astonishing experience.

Which is not a surprise. Looking at this study alone, it is clear that sound is important to people. To communicate. To feel. To be. What fascinates me most though, is the fact that even those with hearing problems can still feel the vibrations created by sounds. And while it is a different type of 'sound' experience in their lives, it is still there. Amazing.

I just wish I could have a better speaker system in place, to be able to feel that emotions and coziness, and sudden reassurance that everything is going to be all right, that people can do great things, so I can do great things, too. Something like any of these, for example, from Panasonic Wireless Speakers range. With children in place, and strong aversion to cables and wires used to haunting me from every corner of the room (something one gets acquainted with, and not necessarily is extremely at ease with, when in a relationship with an IT geek), it sounds - yes, it does sound, indeed;) - like a perfect solution.
Plus, when something is wireless, it all of the sudden makes me feel more free, less bound to, and touches upon quite a strong sense of independence I seem to always have had, but developed quite well over the last year, or so. Even if it's clever marketing doing its job here, it works. Making me feel more free, less bound to, and good.
Besides, I like the idea of connection, synchronization, and availability regardless of place and time. And it's all there. Great for someone like me, who appreciates being wrapped up in different genres of music, whatever the need is. Great for someone who organises a party at home, and desperately flicks through their not so impressive collection of 4 CDs at the very last minute, almost panicking (that would be me as well:). What they should be doing instead, is breath in, breath out, relax, and reach for thousands of great songs on their Spotify, or Soundcloud accounts, easily accessible with a clever tool like this. Great for someone with children who seem to calm down when they hear soothing tones of classical music, poured gently but efficiently into their sleepy heads at night (yep, me again:).

Looks like I have found my dream Easter present:)))


  1. Lovely read. I hope you have a lovely Friday and Happy Easter in advance x

  2. Enjoyed this post :) Happy Easter!

  3. Brilliant post! Hope you have an amazing Easter