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Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Day - part 1 out of many :)

I raise my head and see shiny whiteness of kitchen cupboard right in front of me. Making pancakes at this insane hour is nothing new to me, but after just few hours of sleep everything seems to be less exciting, and more energy-consuming. Yet, there is something soothing about pouring milk into whisked eggs, adding clouds of flour and have all the mess transforming into one consistent mixture. Just a touch of olive oil, and another cloud, of cinnamon this time... Ready. Waiting for the pan to give that right temperature, not too cold, and not too hot. The right one. Wondering how many coffees will get me through the day...

Apparently, I'm Gucci with one (for anyone who has no idea what I just said, like me until few days ago, Gucci means good... Seriously? I'm not even in Italy... Been to Florence once, but... Seriously? Why not I'm McQueen with one? Then at least I would fit into local 'proud to be British' campaign. Even though I am neither British, nor proud. Ok, I am sometimes. Proud, that is. I am... So I'm McQueen with one...). Reading a book about the fashion in Poland after World War II, when the centralised system and unification of clothes scarcely available in shops led to manifestation of one's own style and approach to life in general through their dresses, scarfs, coats, usually second hand, usually recreated to fit better, and therefore unique and unrepeatable. 'Fashion is a way of fighting.' I would say that was and is and will be the case everywhere. Just another form of creating something, expressing oneself, and enjoying oneself. Which is what life is meant to be, after all.

There is this silence all of the sudden. Still being Gucci, or McQueeny, it took me only 3 minutes to notice that. What are they doing? Is something wrong? Stop. This doesn't help. There's two of them, If something is wrong with one, the other will come and tell you. Then again, what if both of them need my help? Awful, awful mother. So I go. Only to see...

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