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Friday, 11 March 2016

The centre of all the attention

Recently, I found myself watching a crime TV series. Nothing unusual, I was raised on western movies, loved by my dad to this day. You could call them a combination of a crime story and a fairy tale, with distinct division between the good and the bad. And there was Steve McQueen, who I adored, and still do - great actor...

Anyway, that crime story I saw recently, it was taking place in Hawaii. Beautiful scenery, even more beautiful women (well, there was at least this one, really good-looking; and I like the fact I can honestly admire beauty in other females, and don't feel that stupid jealousy; just be in awe like if looking at a particularly interesting painting... like to think it is me being emotionally mature;) rather than feeling devastated, and in pieces, fully resigned, just accepting faith of the one in a much worse league;), and pretty obvious plot. Who cares about the plot, though, really. 

There was a non-related scene, the one which adds humor and a bit of distraction, with a happy and chubby amateur-cook, who happened to create marvelous food, but stressed when being verified by a professional 'master-chef'. That chef told him it is all because of one thing that needs to be switched back again, and then everything will be ok. And it turned out to be as he said.

That one thing he said, it was: it is all because you are cooking through here - pointing at the chubby man's forehead. You should be cooking through here - pointing at him again, but where his heart is.

I guess that is exactly what we all should do, with anything we do. Just do it with our hearts on, not with our brains on. And then, we're all sorted.

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