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Monday, 30 June 2014

Pleasing all and controlling all

Apparently (that is a sarcasm; I know very well what I am about to say is totally true...) I am a fairy with a broken wand. There is no other logical explanation.
This afternoon we headed to Kensington Gardens to experience the surprisingly entertaining family festival (we knew nothing about it beforehand), see the Palace (lovely, 'not as beautiful as Wilanow, but actually they also have Buckingham here' - short review by Adam:_), and be surprised - again - by the monstrously expensive meal (the service was great though, provided mainly by Polish representatives, which made me somehow proud and glad :_).

Again, I tried to make every single family member happy, and I failed several times. All minor things really; one of them was pleasing my husband with latte while he has been drinking black coffee for good few months now. I definitely know how to show I care and observe, not mentioning the fact I know best who likes what. Treating Zosia with too many sweets and expecting her to be delighted with the afternoon tea (the dearest sandwiches I ever ate; 'oh, stop, don't complain, at least we are not wet'; did I mention we were caught by several showers outside of the palace?:_) Finally, making the little one completely exhausted and falling asleep on our way back. No, wait - that was actually a good thing.

And the car, a hybrid chosen due to several reasons, major one being an encouraging tax rate, which was behaving quite fussy lately, didn't break! (Forgot to add, we were totally green and reasonable, travelling by car to the very city centre, while we could have chosen a vast network of public transport. Ok, there was no 'we' here. It was me who persuaded my husband to do that.)

I managed to let go throughout the day, fortunately, which is the only justification for the fact that Zosia told me she likes me very very very much, when she was falling asleep (That, and the sweets I guess:_). Priceless.

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