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Friday, 30 October 2015

150 it's magic

Apparently, it's a magical number. To me.
I had a brief look at what I've been posting here so far.

Overwhelming majority of entries - 90% of them - focuses on me:), and - what's worse;) - the trend is a significantly upward one...

Usually it's about everyday stuff, with 10-15% dedicated to less shallow thoughts.

Nothing shows the above mentioned magic.
But I know what's happening now is crucial.
I wish I was more sophisticated, showing better taste in music, or in literature (some say crime and mystery is an evidence of cruelty one hopes to have some day).

But I am who I am. As far as shame from my actions and thoughts come, it's less than ever.

Not perfect either. But I'm old enough to know this is true to anyone.

All I know is emotions tend to take over, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.
But are never, ever a mistake.

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