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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hope and self-regard

I recently read this quote:
'Hope is the confident expectation that something good is going to happen' (Joyce Meyer)

Not sure if I can rely to this.
While I use the word pretty often, it's actually more due to the fact that I cannot find an equivalent:)
To me, hoping means - in short - giving up.
You don't do, you hope. You don't act, you wait. You don't go, you stay. And hope.

We tend to overuse the notion of hope, like if by some magical way it could transform what we wish and want into a reality, without a touch of action required; definitely no action on our side.
Selfish, really.
Then again, being selfish is the most natural feeling, unfortunately very well dispraised across modern societies. Wrongly interpreted as cockiness.

I only recently rediscovered my selfishness. And feel much better about it:) to the detriment of the others, possibly, but if they believe I can be happy and good to others without acknowledging me and my needs first... Well, then it's their problem.

I try to teach that to my kids. It's you who is the most important, it's your good opinion about yourself that matters most. Don't let anyone take that away from you.
It's difficult, but it actually goes down to little things. Like talking about something my Superspider girl chooses to wear. And teasing her a bit, saying that it will probably look not quite right.
Then she usually replies: 'No, it will not. And besides, it's me and I like it!'
My girl:))

Yet, selfishness requires action. If you want to do something for yourself, exactly - you have to do it. Otherwise it will stay in that unreal land of imagination, however nice and comfortable, and cozy, definitely not close to real life.

I don't cross out the power of hoping. In many situations, critical and everyday ones, it is all we got.
Also, I fully respect those who tend to cling to hope. And stay there.
But for me, it is a short-term stop.
Unless you're happy in that imagination land.

I am no more.

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