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Friday, 23 October 2015

Stretching - Hallo and Death

And all of the sudden, Halloween is here a week before.

Everyone, literally everyone is already discussing dressing up, makeup, nail art, party tips, and coctail recipes.

While I appreciate the efforts taken (and part of me envies those who have time and energy to put it all together, not to mention people to be invited at...), I feel this irritation you can only understand when you see an elf, a Santa, and a reindeer in August. Already on their way with their  Hohohohos, and presents, packed neatly - all artificial, none of that natural.

For some, 1st November is a day to remember those who are gone, who used to be with us, but didn't make until this year. They are with us whenever we remember them, and sometimes we can almost feel their presence - if the attachment was serious, or imagination triggers off.

This is real, yet not tangible.

I wish they didn't make a show out of it, with rushes through cemeteries, people falling over themselves to install over complicated structures out of candles, and flowers - again, most of these artificial, none of that natural...

And for sure, there's going to be another police action to stay safe, focused on millions of people driving like crazy across the country to get on time for yet another heartless celebration of gossiping, show-offs, and quick cleaning of tombs. All in the light of safety.

They always call it 'Votive Candle', that action - at least that's the case for Poland.
I always felt a need to rename it, to something more appropriate.
'Organ donors and swaggers gathering - yet again', for example...

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