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Monday, 5 October 2015

one liner

If I were to think, which is my one-liner these days, that clause, or sentence, which I tend to use most, it would be this:
'It's tricky.'

Used in various contexts, and in different situations, seems to fill a gap in any reasoning I happen to express to anyone.

Today, it was used when I agreed with a lady who happen to get a bit lost while trying to identify the shortest way possibly from one metro line to another.
We went together, as I love helping people (it's selfish, really, it feeds my need to hear thank yous...). And we chatted a bit along the way.
She hasn't been in London for few years, and got all confused. I feel like a quarter Londoner at most, but it was a nice turning point of my afternoon today. Guiding someone.

She happened to be Welsh, and that brought some carefree memories of me hiking Tryfan ages ago, and then following my 2 companions down, also the shortest way possible, just like the lady from today.
Rather then elevators, lifts, and passages we had gravel, deep steep paths, and a jump from one stone platform to another, simply because it was quicker, and there was no point turning back... That day, I faced my fear for height for the first time.

Still, it was today when I said 'it's tricky'. Not back then.

Apparently, passing through a multi-level shopping centre is more challenging to me now then a mountain hike.

I'm getting older;)

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