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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

On the road again

Memories seem to be hitting me again.
It's been years, literally years since I was on a train to Warsaw. This is beyond belief how life can make its turn. Almost like a full cycle.

All is the same. Yet nothing is.

Wrinkles, for example. Now they're here.
I do have specific approach to wrinkles though. I cherish them as they show the character of a person better then words. Sometimes even better then body language (especially when someone has done proper training on how to speak in public, how to hide own emotions, how to control excessive moves). I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but yes, clean and pure, and very young face is nice, I agree. But it somehow lacks authenticity of an experienced one. If you look closely, you may notice whether someone prefers to laugh, or to be frowned on something. Whether they turn their face away from new things, or are easily amazed with new things. Finally, are they decent, or are they mean. That last one might be a little bit of an exaggeration, I know. But it's usually true.
To the benefit of me:)

As far as Warsaw, the city, is concerned: it's still standing. It's still a form of retail celebration, and consumerism in its pure form. However, if you look at the main streets, outside of few shopping centers and several boutiques, it's PCB: pharmacies, charity shops, and banks. Looks like there are two main waves in the city: people spending as much as they can, and beyond (the 'beauty' of a credit card), and people suffering from chronic illnesses, buying used clothes, and managing their limited funds, not spent elsewhere. Sad but true. (Changing hand for my 'no-complaints challenge' wristband right now.)

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