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Saturday, 17 October 2015


This collection of thoughts - random, vague, and with clarity still being a long way ahead - was inspired by a book review done by lovely Nicola Sarah, available here

There are many who think we can do anything, and all that happens around us, with us, to us - is a reflection, or effect of our own doings.
There are equally many who strongly believe in all our lives being already planned, scheduled, and drawn somewhere by someone, with us only following, without being able to change anything.

I have no idea.
I used to be in the second gang, then moved swiftly to the first.
Now I don't know.

So many little things happening, tweaks appearing out of nowhere, relying to other experiences in my life of which I completely forgotten.

Meeting amazing people, of who I might have hard, but who I never thought would have any chance to welcome in my life, and who happen to be so in line with my thoughts, my beliefs, my understandings. 
To the point that it's actually scary.
And afraid not to scare them away. Since I talk that much - the threat is real:)!

I recall amazing movie, Blind Choice (Przypadek), by Krzysztof Kieslowski, equally amazing Polish director and creator.
It was a story of a guy whose life is shown in 3 different variations, all probable, and all started by either missing a train, or being on time at a platform.
The way it was shown, how he was meeting different people in various points of time, either being with them on friend terms, or just passing them by.
How his life was a combination of incidental and random acts, that in fact was neither.
All because of one simple activity he succeeded in, or failed to fulfil.

So I guess it makes me now a believer of both.
That life is a mixture of what we do, and who we meet - and we only can do this much.

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