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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Hit it

I was almost run over by a car yesterday.

It passed me by less than few inches away.
Quite scary, and all went into slow motion. Like in some kind of helpless movie about an elderly woman who wasn't sure which language she spoke.
(That is the result I got describing me in one of these silly games where you're suppose to read the third sentence from the page 45 of a book you happen to read at the moment. Mine was: 'It still isn't clear which language she's speaking'... There you go)

But that's about it in terms of any resemblance to the cinematography industry.
There was no zen moments.
No images of breakthrough milestones from my life flashing through my mind.

Just two thoughts, one about the kids. And another one not. Quite a nice one, actually.

I might share it with someone one day. Not now though. It's still too fresh, that whole adventure of mine.

Also, I'm consequently pushing away any what if questions.
No ifs. No deliberation over the past.
Just desperately trying to think about now, and about the future.
Not so desperately actually.
Well, maybe a bit (overthinking what already had happened used to be one of my favourite activities).
But only a bit:))

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