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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Love is

I read this yesterday.
And it struck me...

'A relationship, with a right person, is a release, not a restriction.'
(Beau Taplin, The Liberation)

This is exactly what I have been thinking about recently. A lot.

How does it happen that we bind ourselves to someone, and let them have our strengths, and powers, and feel good about it, and then, out of nowhere really, it starts to bother us?
Nothing changes yet everything is not the same.
Minor things which were nothing, which were just part of their personalities, which we even laughed at together, these are suddenly huge obstacles, something we cannot deal with every day.

No matter how huge the space between us, it becomes not enough.

And so, we miss each other - pass each other by. Wishing we were not together, wishing we were alone, wishing we could breath deeply, without that constant feeling of being watched, without that series of tips and hints of how we should do things the right way (obviously, our way is completely wrong, full of mistakes, and overconfidence).

And so, we get to the point, the breaking point, where - no matter the circumstances - we don't want it anymore.
We feel guilty, we get an idea we require too much, we know many people who are happy in much worse conditions, situations, relationships.

But then we think, why not deserve more. Why not be more at peace with ourselves. Why not be yourself, not just a blurred reflection of what somebody else expects. Reflection we hardly recognize as ourselves.

It's tricky:)

Life is a journey. Keep going.

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