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Sunday, 18 October 2015


There's always this irritating phase, sometimes usually lasting longer than expected, where everything is not in the right place. Typical during any rejuvenating project of any scale, from clearing your top drawer from papers, bills, and clips, to preparing yourself to throw into the not so well known.

I'm in the latter. 
And since mastering procrastination (hate the word, which I think I mentioned here before), I will easily focus on the former first. To the benefit of sets of drawers becoming spotless. But not for long:)

There's always this irritation and anger that accompanies such revamping endeavor.

But not this time. While I get angry with those little paper clips, suddenly appearing everywhere (never to be found when you actually need them, though), I feel complete stillness, silence, and calmness when it comes to the serious part.
Does that mean I have it thought through so well?
Does it rather mean I am completely ignorant of all the possible obstacles?

Recently heard you need to analyse yourself, and been told various methods how to do that, and then it's all about going with the flow.

So. I'm fastening my seat belts. And here I go:))

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