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Friday, 2 October 2015

Mustela UK maternity range product launch

That time yesterday, I was sitting in quite a comfortable chair at the French Chamber of Commerce in London, listening to a presentation describing Mustela.
Yesterday was also the day when their completely refurbished range of products was launched here in the UK.

Saying that I enjoyed the day is a huge understatement. There were laughs, there were treats, there was an interesting discussion about the products, and how carefully they are placed on the market.

How difficult, yet how simple it can all be, if you actually care.

Mustela has quite a unique approach to business; they don't want to sell as much as possible.
They want to sell wisely, to those who care, just like them, about their own quality of life, and about the life of others.
While I know for most it may sound like a marketing cliche, it really does matter.
All of the packaging is 100% recycled.
Only 8% of ingredients is non organic, and even then these are carefully selected raw materials, harmless for women and their babies.
Finally, the distribution is ran through independent pharmacies.
(Meaning, you want find them in the mainstream shop, next to a bunch of semi-dermo ones; but they're available online:)

The maternity range was initially tailored to suit the needs of expecting and existing mums.
But I think it would suit anyone.
The smelling is delicate, the packaging is quite appealing (that body:), and the product can solve your early stretch marks, or tired legs in a blink of an eye:)))

It's simply not to be missed.

For me, all these details were very important (you know, youth is in my soul, probably;), not necessarily that transparent when I face a mirror)...

But the icing on the cake was something else (the cakes were delicious however:)).
I met few wonderful inspirational women who write like me, have opinion on things, are successful and content with what they do in their life.
Women who I can look up to.

Thank you to Bloggers Launch (lovely Shabz) and to Mustela team (Veronique and Kristina) for yesterday.
Quite a day, I say. Quite a day ...:))))

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