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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Talking shield

Talking is my shield.
I usually pull out my otherwise dormant bubbly side of me when in danger.

Never really realised that though until recently.

Nothing unusual; many people start talking a lot - and let's face it, it's usually nonsense, and let's face it again, I'm not beyond norm here either - when they feel something is not quite right. Or when they're under stress.

Which is why when I am not so much afraid anymore, I fell into silence.
Haha, well, not complete silence, that wouldn't be me :)
But I limit talking, and pull out listening (finally!)

Now, thanks to one of few real friends*) I have I'm listening to Vinyl Cafe podcasts.
And it's both relaxing, and rediscovering.

One of their latest episodes is focused on the power of the untold.
Something I will probably never master, but keep on reaching for, nonetheless.

*) some may know the type, and if they do, they're really lucky:) it's the person you're blissfully unaware of, or pretend to be, since you're so busy and involved in so many things in your life, that you just don't call, don't email, don't message for months. Literally months.
And yet, when you finally realize last time you met, or spoke, was August last year, not August few months back... You email.
And they email you back like if nothing happen. And they're not angry, or irritated (or they're great at acting:)
And (how sophisticated my language has become...) when I really think of it, they are my only real friend. Sad and happy at the same time:) ...

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