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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Never sit on a ... [the elongated version]

5 Mayflies gather around the crib, where a little mayfly lies softly and peacefully. Each one of them has a wand.

Mayfly 1 
We only live 1 day. Darling, remember to enjoy every second to the full. Life is full of surprises, don't let any of them slip away. You never get a second chance.

Mayfly 2
Don't let others fool you. Be inquisitive and bright. Stay calm, and listen, and look before you speak. Listen before you judge. And once you judge, don't be afraid to stick to it.
Mayfly 3
Have courage to discover new things. Don't be afraid: nothing wrong may happen to you when you follow your passion, when you do what you feel is right for you.

Mayfly 4
Be beautiful inside out. Remember, this is not about the looks. This is about staying true to yourself. Then, and only then, you are truly beautiful. Minutes passing by - regardless...

Mayfly 5
Never sit on a Fae...

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