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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The funniest thing and the saddest

The funniest thing I've ever heard - and the saddest 

Scenery set: TV talk show with live audience

All I'm saying is, everybody, at some point of their lives, get cheated on.
Everybody cheats, and everybody gets cheated.

I could've said that's the funniest thing I've ever heard. Only that, I guess... I guess it's true. 
Some pay huge price when they find out...

That's an absurd! Me for example, I had at least few occasions to cheat on. Never have done it.
The one I remember quite well was in Alcaramaya, next to the west coast of Bohomasara, where the local river, Bitomantica, reaches the Red Sea.

Alcaramaya? I've been there fishing once. Beautiful place. Bitomantica: a great river, full of fish. A wonderful coast of Bohomasara, must visit again. Some day.

Al... Alcaramaya? Are you sure?

(nods with enthusiasm)

I've been there. 4 years ago, on my winter holidays. With my sister, who fell for a guy, Adam was his name.
They were together for nearly 2 weeks, spending all the time together, day and night, until his wife and their 2 kids came to him.
Which is how my beloved sister found out he was married. 
Next morning, she threw herself from a cliff, the 400-metres one, at the Bohomasara coast, straight into the current of the Bitomantica river.
She was such an angel.
I miss her so much.
So much


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