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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Love at first runway

23-year old kindergarten teacher

26-year old anesthesiologist

JESSICA: This is incredible! I was there, on my seat, with belts securely fastened as advised by a lovely flight attendant in a blue suit and bright yellow coat, when he came.


JESSICA: The man. You know the one who played in that love making on rodeos movie, and talked about Mars when accepting several awards for that.

ALICE: Matthew MacClonouannanouan?

JESSICA: Yeah! Him! Although I always thought his name is a bit shorter...

ALICE: He was in the same plane as you?!

JESSICA: Yes, and there's more.

ALICE: Meaning?

JESSICA: He sat next to me!

ALICE: Hi did not!

JESSICA: Oh, yes, he did. And I just jumped on my seat and said something about dying, I was so excited. To which he replied that if I knew something is wrong with the plane, I should not tell him a word about it, cause he wouldn't mind spending last minutes of his life next to me.

ALICE: No! He couldn't have said that!

JESSICA: Ok, maybe not exactly that. But close. What he actually said was, he would appreciate telling him something is wrong with the plane, as he was on his way to a meeting with his fiancée FR their romantic Valentine evening...

ALICE: Life...

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