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Tuesday, 16 February 2016


48-year old woman, who likes singing and dancing, fan of Sting

17-year old boy

At home; kitchen - bright sunny morning. There's cereals and milk laid on the table. Mum is sitting at the table with a cup of coffee, reading a book. It's 'A year of Marvellous Ways'. Son comes over, sits with her mum, looks at the table, stands up, goes to the kitchen drawer and takes out 2 bowls, 2 table spoons, and puts them on the table, one for his mom, one for himself.
MUM - Thank you, dear. It's a great book, you know? Really interesting...
SON nods, says nothing, puts cereals in both bowls, pours milk on top.
SON - Eat, mum. You should eat.
MOM - Yes, you're right. Thank you.
They start eating. Mum glances at her book from time to time. Then she looks up, and notices her son staring at the window, with a smile.
MUM - What's up?
SON - I can't tell this to anyone but I actually went to the Sting concert last night...
MUM - Really? That's awesome! Why can't you talk about it???
SON - It's a secret...
MUM - Then why did you even start this conversation, seriously... Don't want to tell, then don't.
SON - Don't be so angry. And it was you who started... I really shouldn't be saying this... Unless you promise you won't tell anyone.
MUM - Like if you didn't know me...
SON - Ok.
MUM - Ok?
SON - Sit down, it won't be quick. So I met this girl.
MUM - What? When? Why didn't you tell me?
SON - Mum! Will you let me finish, for once!
MUM - Ok, ok, I'm listening. Who is she?
SON - She's... She's... She's just a girl. She is awesome. She has such a beautiful smile.
MUM - Aha, ok, cool.
SON - She's so much cool, mum, and so nice.
MUM - Ok, maybe I'll meet her one day. And check it out myself. No pressure.
SON - Well, yeah... Maybe...
MUM - Don't get so stressed about it... Where's Sting in this all story?
SON - Yeah, right. Sting is her uncle.
MUM - What? Really?
SON - Really.
MUM - Did you meet him then?
SON - I did, after the concert.
MUM - What is he like?
SON - I think you'll get a chance to check it out yourself. One day. Like, today.
MUM - What do you mean??? Are you mocking me? You know he is just the best of the best singers in the whole wide world, I know nearly all of his songs, I could listen to them all day, I actually do listen to them nearly every day... What do you mean???
SON - Mum, calm down. It's all right. He's coming over with her, 'cause I invited them last night. It was supposed to be a surprise but I was afraid your heart won't make it. So I'm telling you now.
MUM - Ok. Just promise me one thing.
SON - Yes?
MUM - That girl. If only she's half decent. And nice. And so cool... Stick to her, will you?
SON - Mum!

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