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Thursday, 25 February 2016


45-year old, in a relationship with HE for the last 11.5 years

46-year old, in a relationship with SHE for the last 11.5 years

At the park
SHE - I have been thinking of what you said the other day... And I completely disagree.
HE - Which words do you refer to exactly? I believe I said quite a lot recently.
SHE - Naa, it's me. I'm the one who talks. Too much. Remember?
HE - True. Yet, I have no idea what you mean.
SHE - Typical.

In the bedroom
SHE - So, which colour suits me best, blue or red?
HE - You look beautiful in any of these.
SHE - For once, can't you decide? And not be afraid to share your opinion?! Seriously...
HE - OK, blue.
SHE - Blue? Really? Naa...
HE - Then why did you even ask?
SHE - Just for fun...

At the balcony
SHE - Look! It's full moon! How lovely
HE - Yes. It is beautiful.
SHE - You remember the first full moon we saw together? It was 12 years ago, in Tuscany, we were drinking Chianti in that little restaurant at 11pm, with all the people around...
HE - I touched your hand, and said your skin was so soft it was almost unreal...
SHE - Yes. Yes, that is exactly what you said. You remember!?
HE - I do. I do...

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