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Friday, 19 February 2016

First date

Golden delicious, of regular shape, slightly greener on one side

Dark bar (75% cocoa), with a picture of a castle on the packaging


At the restaurant, few tables in a French bistro kind of place, almost identical to the 'Allo, Allo' setting. People sitting at the tables, talking. At the centre - one table two chairs candle on the table. Chairs occupied by Apple and Chocolate.
Apple (A)
I'm so happy you invited me here! Looks like my kind of place. There are lots of apples there on display, I feel so much at joke here.
Chocolate (C)
Yes, although I find it awkward there's barely any chocolate. We're so delicious... You'll see for yourself.
A: but we're healthier
C: who cares? We only live once
A: (looking confused) but... But... It's better to live healthier and longer then ...
C: yeah, with no inspiring tastes to try, really
A: you find me uninspiring?!?
C: all I'm saying is I'm a definition of pleasure and indulgence. You're a definition of a non-pharmaceutical approach to life, and a way to stay away from doctors.
A: that's so unfair if you to say! We speed things up! You are the one who slow things down.
C: slow is good
A: not when your health is at stake
C: quick doesn't always mean right though
A: time is everything
C: no, it's not. Quality is everything.
A: you find I'm not of the best quality? You don't know me at all, how can you even think that!
C: that's not what I said...
A: ha! And now you're denying your own words. Seriously. Why don't we just order some food instead. And refrain from talking dot a while.
C: great, cool, let's do that

They look around. Waiter comes over.

Waiter (W)
Should you like to order?
A: yes, please. Can I have a glass of red wine, and... What desserts do you recommend?
C: are we not eating main course?
A: no. Speeding things up, remember? That's me.
W: we're most famous of our delicious apple tart and...
A: what!?! (Stands up, looks at the C) What?!? I'm leaving! (Walks away, stops at the front door, turns around, and yells) Murderers!!!


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