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Saturday, 20 February 2016


No one really knows how old he is; there are some theories, never proved completely though, some say he's always reborn with every single human being, others believe he's the one just modified slightly for any newborn
He's smart. He's string. He knows he needs to survive.

Minister in the ministry of biology; recently involved in the project around genetically modified products. He has a secret weapon no one knows about. Until they call his name first, and then his title...

He's really old, as old as the Roman mythology. No one knows how he made it until now, and thanks to his incredible abilities to disguise, no one is aware of that and no one cares, really.
Works as a secretary for the Can.

Scene 1, the Secretary of the Miknistry of Biology, Jupiter sitting at his desk, phone in front of him. He's looking at the map of Italy, smiles to himself.

The phone rings. Jupiter picks it up. As usual, he never introduces himself, waiting for the caller to start.

- Hello, this is DNA.
- The Who?
- NA. I'm calling to discuss the next GM project the Ministry of Biology decided to pass through the Parliament. It's important to get my point of view before passing it anywhere. I'm the source of very crucial data.
- Ok. Thanks. I guess it's sir Can you need to speak to. He's in charge of this project. Let me see whether he is available at the moment. Hold on. I mean, hold the line.
- Great, yes, thank you.

Scene 2, Can's office. Huge metal rotten desk, metal chair with unusually twisted legs, reminding human bones but very awkwardly shaped.
Phone rings, Can picks it up, and waits for the caller to speak:
- Can?
- Yep, it's me. What's up, Jup?
- How many times do I need to remind you my name's Jupiter.
- And I'm sir, you never seem to remember that either.
- ok, Can, sir. There's someone who wishes to speak to you. DNA.
- The who?
- NA. He seem to know a lot about genetics. It's about your recent project, you know.
- ok, let him in.

Scene 3, DNA room. Everything is in ideal order, and there is barely any furniture. Red sofa, drop shaped in really bloody red Colour. DNA is sitting on the sofa, with his smartfon at his ear. He's relaxed but stressed at the same time, very unusual combination. 
- hello, sir Can, I'm so happy to finally have a chance to meet you. We never had a chance to talk before but...
- It's Can, sir, actually, the NA.
- cancer? Really? Hmmmm....
- yes, Can sir. Nothing unusual.
- yes, sure, sure.
- you wanted to add some important information about my recent genetics initiative?
- yes... I mean, no, actually, I'm terribly sorry, I didn't. Sorry for taking your time. Got to go, bye.

Scene 4, Can's office again. Can stares at the phone, looks puzzled.
Talks to himself:
- what an unusual man. The NA. The NA... Hmm...
Suddenly he stands up, runs to the door, end it and shouts:
- guards! Stop him - that DNA guy. It's our only chance to make the GM project successful!

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