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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Love is not all around it's in you

- this is just how the story goes: I'm in love...
- again?
- yep, it's on.
- who is it this time?
- you don't know him
- so tell me
- he's into wrestling
- really? You don't see the danger here then?
- nope; I'm happy and that's all that counts
- fair enough. Fair enough

- how's your happy place? Still there?
- I am. You see, he's so... So... Nice.
- aha. You're done
- I am...

- you know that guy I met and fell into recently?
- the ideal wrestler?
- yeah, him. He's a jerk.
- is he? What's this time?
- he forgot it's our anniversary last night. Completely ignored that.
- wait a minute, you don't know him that long, you couldn't be celebrating a tear spent together...
- not a year, silly. A week! A whole week together! And he forgot!
- oblivious, clearly
- yeah! I'm devastated!

- so, are you going to come to my wedding?
- sure, who with? When? Why? I mean, congrats!
- thanks, it's in 2 weeks, the wrestler - not such a jerk in the end. So I got a ring and flowers, and everything... I'm in love...
- oh, no...

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