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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A piece of string

35-year old male, always slouching, always childish, seriously in love with Ness
38-year old female, aspiring to be the next Da Vinci: starting new ventures and new businesses every second day, witty and full of irony, quite disappointed with her current life, gracefully ;) accepting Carl's affections

At home
Hey, look what I've got for you today!
(Showing a bright yellow tulip)

(Not looking at Carl from her comfortable chair, next to the fire, busy with some kind of knitting, with weariness in her voice)
What now?

A little bit of appreciation would be nice
(adds with very silent voice)
for a change

I'm sure it's fascinating. It's just ... I wasn't talking to you, I was, I was ... I was talking to this string.
(she points at the piece of woolen string, in bright pink, which she's knitting with)

(Fascinated, like with everything Ness is involved in)
What are you making out of it?

I though of creating a nest, a fake best for fake birds - made of pigeons feathers we have lots of at the balcony anyway - and selling them at extremely high prices to the old and middle-aged women with no purpose in life.

You mean, the ones like you?

(Curtain falls)


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