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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Beauty within

- Put your hood on! It's raining, and it's so cold!
- I can't do that! It will mess my hairstyle!
- ...

While I still think letting go is the most important part of motherhood, looks like ability to think and remember things is next.
Sometimes, it is all about not bursting out laughing. Very important, and I actually mean it. Sharing respectful attitude with your little ones requires respectful attitude to them.
Struggling there, but getting there.

I was wondering today whether I was so determined and self-conscious (but in a positive way, not in a 'cocky' way:), when I was 7. Not sure, but afraid / happy to say (depending how you look at it...) I believe I was. I actually felt good with myself.

Again, struggling there now, but getting there. To that land of positive thinking, positive attitude to me, distance to images, and acceptance of flaws. It's much better than it used to be, which is comforting.

And looks like I'm ok with passing that positive thinking to the next generation. I'm on the right track.
So, need to keep going:_)

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