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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Black Hole - my version

'My Saturday was going pretty well until I realised it was Sunday.'

Just read this, and realised it never really happened to me.

Yes, I sometimes had this moments when waking up, still half asleep, in dreams, when I wasn't sure which day of the week is this. But it was just a second, or two. Quick look at the clock, and I was up.

With strong sense of duty, didn't let the days slip through. Always had to do something. Only when the kids era came, it became different; still full of things to do but also slightly chaotic.
I got into implementing organised but quite flexible approach. It suited the moment.

And now, I'm in this suspension; there are still lots of things to do, but they don't seem to matter as much as they used to. All of the sudden, it's more about me (hehe!:), and what I fell about it, and how I want to spent the rest of my days.

Yeah, it might be my mid-life crisis, the post mid-life, let's face it :)...

But I believe there's more. It's like a combination of awakening and deep thoughts around why. What for. and it's not about whether it is worth it, these thoughts are gone. Life is full of sense, and life is something we are given for a purpose. What is that purpose, that's the key.

So, letting the time go is ok from time to time. But it better not be the essence of one's life. Cause you can do more, and get more happy moments from that.

It is all about being selfish then, in the end...

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