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Friday, 5 February 2016

Stop for a minute

This morning, we got up a little bit late.
Morning routine slightly rushed as a result, yet all the tasks done in the usual order (actually, when in a hurry, that repeated scheme really helps:). I simply begin to master brushing hair with fingers, and inventing sophisticated hair styles, which takes seconds but look like were done meticulously, at the comfort of our own home, for at least 20 minutes. At least. End result - a stunning look. Clearly.

Rushing through the streets, owning the paths and streets (to the point that a lady on a bike told us to mind the road when passing us by; I deliberately ignored her, what a shameful and unthoughtful of me, I know; didn't care and probably would do the same again. Shocking...), we reached the school just in time for the bell.

With no specific need other than just letting go of the overloads of energy I surprisingly had, I was in the very same 'rushing through streets' mode on our way back, my MiniMan and me. And then I felt it.
And stopped.

There they were. Three cherry trees, in full blossom, hidden between a wall and a parking pay point. Hardly seen. Not ignored as the fragrance was so sweet, so beautiful, and so fresh, that I stopped.

And all of the sudden, like in some kind of a dream, all stopped. There was just this essence of freshness and life, and me. Happy to simply be there, and to experience it all.

After a while, all the world around me was back. Cars on the streets, people passing by, me on the run back again.
Smiling this time.

It's nice to be able to feel such things. And be happy to simply be.

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