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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Appreciation and disapproval

With both kids having their rather unexpected afternoon nap (which took me completely by surprise), I just realised my world does revolve around me. I had this sudden panic moment, not knowing what to do. Fortunately, There's Internet.
But seriously, when did it happen? That feeling of anxiety and fear there might be nothing to do (in fact, there is laundry waiting to be taken care of; documents requirying filing and review, maybe even in a reverse order, and probably a ten or so minor things to do. And my nails! I could have them polished;). Looks like I should always do sth to avoid feeling needless.
My family, despite being No1 (my husband, although not mentioned earlier, included), is not appreciated as much as they should be. Sad but true.
Becoming aware of things is a good thing; let it be the first, not the only one of my reflections / new strategy for life.
Criticism. I think it surrounds me too much. My ability to see a glass half full seems to be snowed under planning errands, and my always challenged ability to organise tasks (in other words, how not to get late for Zosia's school and sleep more). But today everyone is critical. And everyone, and everything should be perfect. Or as close to perfection as possible. Sad but true.
Still, that shouldn't be my excuse...

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