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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Ups when travelling with a child

While it is challenging not to forget his favourites toys (brilliantly hooked to a buggy in one of few genious moments of mine), food, emergency milk portion, 2 or 3 nappies, baby wipes, and roughly a hundred other necessary things absolutely required on-the-go, there is one quite nice feature of a travel with a little one. People still tend to help you. Let you pass first and hold the unreasonably heavy doors for you (designed by very angry people obviously who never have to carry any luggage, not mentioning any type of child's mean of transport). Smile to your little one and to you, when the former seems to be loudly contemplating the nature, in a form of not necessarily undenstandable mantra with lots of 'dadadudunanayyynunaetedadatooyeaaah' and so on. They are genuinely nice to you. Or make a good impression;)
It might be they envy you. It might be they pity you. Whatever the reason, I try to benefit from it to the full.
 I discovered hovewer it doesn't come at no price. You need to be nice to others, in general, as well. Reciprocity pays off somehow:)

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