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Monday, 23 June 2014

Play with me

When you hear your little daughter saying this to you, with a really 'please, please' darling face, you know you're in trouble. First of all, because you want to squeeze few operational things in that very minute. Second of all, because you don't want her to feel dissapointed with you (again; let's face it, it would not be the first time you say you can spent some time with her later). Finally, because you would like to make everyone happy, bar yourself.
Now, the scenario can be two-folded here: you either do everything and are exhausted, or you prioritise and choose which is best in that very minute.
I went for the latter, resulting in a happy little face as we played card games Zosia invented ('nothing too complicated, it will be quick, mum, you will see' were her words, which only broke my heart and actually made me realised how hungry for 'our time' she was).

The pile of things is waiting patiently for tomorrow's little one's mid-morning nap. ;))

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