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Thursday, 26 June 2014


I like how kids can bring on their creativity in an instant.
This morning, when we were walking to school, we started talking about the weather (casual intro you would usually turn on before any business conference call in a multinational corporation; totally appropriate when talking to your child).
As it was quite chilly, I started with 'what it would be like if mummy wore a pair of knee high socks, just like yours'. Within a minute, I was completely dressed up in a dark blue, glittery maxi dress, with matching shoes. I guess only dogs in the garden near by saved me from a pair of wings, and a wand (Zosia always likes to say hello and bye to them, 'because otherwise they would be sad, you know').
And then we were singing a song she created (i.e. I was to sing after her. Each line. Out loud;))).
And it felt great:)

I like being more childlike sometimes. It is fun. And it allows me to connect with my daughter much quicker, without moaning, or 'oh, mum!', or 'really now, please' (her favourite quote for Q1 2014).

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