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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Knock on the door

I open reluctantly. Which is probably one of the reasons I don't have friends here (and by 'friends' I actually also mean colleagues, or barely known acquaintances met once or twice, or even people collecting other children from the same class as Zosia). An unnaturally happy man (now, I'm not suggesting anything here. To me he looked unnatural.) starts with: 'Hello, I am from sth (whatever) Trust. You must have heard of us.' 'No, I haven't. And I am not interested' I said, so he politely wished me a nice afternoon and went away.
When closing the door I thought I was quite mean. The guy obviously had a selling pitch ready-to-go, and I kind of stopped the rythm. Maybe he had something interesting to say?
All because of the fact he assumed I knew their organisation, when I didn't.

Assumptions. They can easily kill any good intensions.

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