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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Strawberries and peek-a-boo

Today Zosia stayed at home; second day in a row. Her eyes caught some minor infection, and were slowly recovering, via salted water and eye drops prescribed by a GP.
It was a good day; we played peek-a-boo with Julek, who absolutely loved it, 'finding' us when we were 'hiding';). Then we went for a little shopping and came back with fresh and juicy strawberries and raspberries; the latter was gone in flashes of flashes (as Mr Bean said in Love Actually, my cheer-up movie for a gloomy November day), and their happy faces and clothes covered in red juice were simply priceless.

I am starting to discover the beauty of simple moments. You don't have to conquer the world to have all that matters: love, understanding, trust, and happiness (which is never a constant state; just a collection of seconds).

Let there be as many of these seconds as one can bear;)))

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