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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Misjudgment and back to the basics

This is to note a remarkable thing that happened to me yesterday morning, and earlier on today.
A mum, who I thought is completely disgusted with my behaviour (a reaction to her unfinished hair-do when there was this pourring rain the other day), actually spoke to me!
She was asking how Zosia was doing, seeing her little scar on the left cheek, and talked to me for a while about fears we share. Fears for our children (her boy is in the same class as Zosia), how we want to protect them from any accidents, but obviously we cannot.
Then, today, she told me about an oil I could use on Zosia's face to make sure she has no 'token' on her face as she gets older. I was soo grateful, and still am. Not only because she started a conversation, but also, because she shared great piece of advice with me. That was absolutely wonderful!

And I thought about the gratitude then, and how reciprocity really works; it is easter to be kind to others when they share positive feelings with us.

On a related note, I think we should be reading children's books more often.
Yesterday, at bedtime, there was this great quote in Zosia's book: it is good to help others, as sometimes they can help us back. With no hypocrisy, just a self-explanatory approach suggested in a simple and short way.
Talking about short, this is something I should definitely master. There is a vast room for improvement there, no doubt about that ...;)

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