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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Just like me!:))

We went for a stroll, aiming to find admiral Nelson's house. It was OK, in a narrow street, hidden behind few other old houses.
On our way back 2 women passed us by, one of them being my age, with suitcases - apparently on their ways somewhere. Suddenly, she stopped, put her tote bag on the sidewalk, and started taking everything out on the ground. Apparently, she was looking for something. She seemed a bit nervous, but giggled at the same time, as it looked a bit funny, and despite the stress she was going through she noticed that.
I could only say to her I felt like looking into the mirror. It was 2 days ago when I looked everywhere for my door keys, only to find out they were safely tucked in a completely random place, i.e. in my trouser's pocket.
What happens when we do something we are not accustomed to. Shortcuts are blocked, brain is suddenly exposed to counless options, and we realise memory can play tricks we could hardly imagine (however ironic that sounds...).

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