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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Everyday is Friday to me, i.e. why this blog

Everyday is Friday to me.
Not in this 'create a Happy awesome life' sense. It's actually: I feel after 5 days at work: exhausted, with blurry eyes, forgetting basic things ( like switching off lights when I go for a walk, which I would normally never ever miss to do).
It hit me yesterday evening, when I was at Waitrose (yes, that hidiously expensive Waitrose; they have great breads though, and a free coffee for members, something I cannot ignore), buying, you guessed, some bread, and a lollipop (Zosia was with me:), and a cashier said '2 pounds 47 please. I responded with 'Are you sure?'. 'Yes, It's Friday' she said bluntly.
And then it hit me.
There is no Friday for me. Those days of being tired after a week in the office no longer apply to me. When you are with kids, one of them a brand new toddler, you don't really see any difference between any day. It's basically Friday every day of the week. And weekends don't really change this feeling much. Ok, so we don't go to school, but still have food to prepare, runny noses to attend as the weather had been quite fussy lately, ironing board to ignore (and I used to like it, really!)
I'm not complaining (at least not now). I am generally ok with my life, and the way things are.
It is just that obedience to constant happiness everyone around is trying to throw at me, that I don't like.
There it is then. My complaint;))

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