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Saturday, 21 June 2014


Zosia recently started using the word 'stupid'. Like if she discovered it, and decided everything deserves to be called stupid. While I don't want to make too much fuss about it (we are already after the 'f' word phase), I just tried to explain to her she shouldn't be overusing it, as someone may feel offended when she says e.g. at school that his picture is stupid.
My semi-pedagogical approach resulted in limiting the usage to her, and her things only. :( not very successful ...
Then we had another talk, where I told her she is not at all stupid because she understands what she hears (although sometimes pretends not to, but that is what everybody is doing from time to time, age regardless), she communicates (sometimes much louder than necessary, again, like we all do from time to time), she laughs and crirs, depending on a situation. In short, looks like her brain is ok. Therefore, she is not stupid.
Now, she says it, not as often though. Usually in the mornings, when 'stupid shoes' don't want to find her feet ;))
There. That was difficult.
Self awareness at the age of 5 struggles with the 'Look at me' phase, and the emerging comparison phase at school. That is, however, much influenced by parents (i.e. ambitious mothers and fathers, who wish to pour their unfulfilled dreams in their kids' little heads, usually to the detriment to all). I try to avoid that, but then again I don't want my children to be lame ducks.
It's tricky to find the balance.
(Actually, I could apply that quote to any aspect of my life...)

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