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Monday, 16 June 2014

Commuting words

I recently read a lot about talking.
Just read my sentence above, and it made me laugh. Reading about talking sounds a bit like watching tennis rather than finally start playing (which is something I wanted for a long time; not being desperate enough though to actually stop thinking and start doing)...
Anyway, the talking includes conversation and public speaking. Which does not apply to me often now. Long gone seem to be the days when I was actually involved in presentations, in a business environment.
But over the weekend I found my notes from a great communication and public speaking training I attended. There were few such courses actually, but one was well-worth remembering, at least for me.
There were these tips on how to keep your audience interested, how to make them like to hear what you say, and want to listen to you more, and how to keep yourself calm.
I realised all of the above perfectly applies to everyday life conversations with your kids.

Patience, understanding, and flexibility are crucial. And looks like I knew about it for quite a long time, either through the before-mentioned training, or subconsciously (let's face it, everyone - well, nearly everyone - is genious sometimes, myself included;). So why can't I apply these more often???...

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