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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Let there be love

I admire people who can reveal emotions through their work. I am still too shy to do that. Then again, this blog I just started proves the complete opposite. Hmm ...
I wish all the people that know me would be slightly in love with me. Not in a sensual sense, but in as 'like me' sense. Which is truly insane, and profoundly impossible. The hanger for admiration, appreciation, and sympathy is on the one hand pathetic, on the other though - it just shows how weird a person may become with no friends around. I am far from self-pity here (at least, this time;). It is all my fault. Not self-confident enough, lazy, not caring for close colleagues on a regular basis results in social loneliness. That's just how things go.
However I believe there is almost always (that combination of words sounds teenagery and surreal) a space for improvement in maintaining relationships. Unless there is a complete lack of goodwill, things can turn out better (that brilliant autocorrect just tried to convince me I wanted to say 'bitter'... How appropriate).
All you need is love. How simple. How hard to find. What a cliche I am today...

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