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Friday, 13 June 2014

Stretching - bitter with a pinch of sweet

This is not about relaxing muscles after an intense training in a gym (when was the last time I've been there?;). This is about crossing the boundaries when living. And sometimes failing.

How to judge whether something bad happens because someone seriously didn't do what he was supposed to, or this is just a result of bad luck. No, that is wrong, I don't believe in such things as bad luck. I believe things happen to you as a result of your own behaviour. If you are mean, that 'meanness' comes back to you. The term bad luck is a shallow excuse to your own 'misdoings'.

Instead of bad luck then, how to judge something bad that happens because you are just your own shadow, juggling thousand things at a time?
Bad time management.

Enjoy every minute of your life, there will never be another one like that, they say. Be happy, support others who need that support, don't walk away from another one's misery, they say. Keep fit, stay thin, or they will find you inattractive, sloppy, and not keeping up with trends. Be unique and show your USP as everyone is different.
What if all these things around make it really hard to live, feel happy from time to time, and not stuck with your credit card as the only mean to eternal satisfaction and balance, as that is what they are actually trying to make you feel.

Today my thoughts are floating around several things at a time (ok, isn't that just a usual human way? Looks like my goal to limit modesty has already been accomplished, with less effort that I could ever imagine...). And ability to focus is beyond achievement. Let it be.

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