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Friday, 27 June 2014

Change and flexibility

For some time now, I know change is good. It helps you grow, develop your qualities, test yourself and your ability to adjust actions and planning, preferably in a reverse order.

I hate changes. That sounds particularly odd, coming from me, as I have already changed adresses more than an average human being did, not mentioning exposing our daughter to the limits, making her test any adapting skills she may have gained in a relatively short period of time.
It is hard. Many people, including members of my family, have asked me the 'why?' question.
Do you really need this? Is it really necessary? Do you not want your children to feel secure and cosy, surrounded by familiar faces and places?
I guess I don't. I don't need this, I may be looking for the eternal sunshine elsewhere instead of focusing on finding happiness and security within. In short, I am selfish.
Then again, the world outside is so tempting, with all the different approaches, attitudes, interested and possibilities to explore. In short again, I am a searcher.
I guess I do follow that desire to know more from my own experience, not just read about it.

Sometimes though, I forget about it, and move towards whining. I am a grumbler.

When you are not alone in the world, these phases of discontentment fortunately tend to get shorter. Your social responsibilities towards your closed ones make you feel more grounded.

I just read my notes. I am a selfish grumbler, searching for something despite having changes.
In other words, I like to focus on my needs and expectations, I am critical towards the environment, I am curious and like to keep things as they are.

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