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Friday, 20 June 2014

Measuring time

'This cheese tastes similar to the one I ate at grandma's, long time ago, when I was very little' said Zosia last evening during dinner time. For the record, the aforementioned cheese tasting with my parents took place less than 3 months ago, in April this year.
Her blunt statement made me realised how time measurement and time appreciation change when we get older. I mean I have known about relativity for some time now; Zosia just put it in my face all of the sudden:))
When we are little, 20 minutes break between sea jumps sounds like eternity (that's me being 8 years old, or so, first time at the sea; my parents wanted to make sure I am ok, and not caughing on a first day, so they made me lay down for a there of an hour before I could jump in again; as I said: eternity). When we are teenagers, the magic of adulthood seems to be miles away. When we grow up, the time suddenly starts to fly, and we want to slow it down...

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